Monday, March 3, 2008

NEW: Interactive Chicago Condo Maps

Starting today, you have access, on our Web site,, to three of the coolest, most-innovative, most-colorful, most-informative maps of Chicago's condo market. In seconds, with the flick of your mouse, you can become a citywide expert!

See the essence of the Sales Map at right, which, for technical reasons I do not understand, is not interactive on this blog. (Copyright (c) Condominium Enterprises.)

At a glance, on our companion Web site, you can now instantly see where the action is, in terms of units sold and median sales prices, in each of the city's 77 census areas. Then, you can link to an in-depth profile of that area that includes a map, boundaries, demographics, appreciation rates, schools and more.

1. City Map shows the boundaries of each area. What's unique about our city map is that, by placing your cursor over any area, you see the name of the area and its ranking on the basis of Units Sold and Median Sales Price in 2007. Placing your cursor over area 8 (8008), for example, brings up this text: Near North Side, 1st in Sales, 2nd in Price. Clicking on that area takes you to its profile.

2. Sales Map (upper right) uses four colors to show which areas have the most units sold. Red, for example, indicates 0-99 units sold. One of the first things you will notice is that only 24 of the 77 areas had 100 or more unit sales in 2007.

3. Price Map uses the same four colors to show which areas have the highest median sales price. The ten areas with an MSP of $300,000 or more are colored green (as in greenbacks, dollars, commissions).

To take these exclusive maps for a test drive: Go now to Enter your user name and password. (If you forgot them, click "Forgot User Name/Password?" and they will arrive instantly by e-mail. If you're not registered, do so.) Click Go. When your personal home page appears, click the large blue button, "Find & Compare Neighborhoods," and you'll see all three maps. Enjoy!

Agents & Brokers: If you would like to post interactive versions of our maps on your Web site or blog, e-mail your request. One more way we are trying to help you sell more condos in less time with less effort.

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