Monday, March 3, 2008

New-Construction Update: 3/3/08

At left, artist's rendering of Peshtigo
Starting today, every Monday, we will present the latest vital data on condos under construction. What will distinguish our weekly report from those of various other Web sites is that ours will be written in Sgt. Joe Friday's "Just the facts, ma'am" style. (Perhaps we should post it on Friday and call it the Friday Report?)

If you have a new development (change in price, delivery date, etc.) to report on a new development, e-mail the information to

To view the (sometimes sparsely populated) Building Profile of any new-construction project listed below, on, click address. To visit developer’s more-complete, up-to-date Web site, click name.

AddressNameFor SalePriceDelivery
1440 S WabashColiseum Park11 of 39$250-450KSpring
1555 S Wabash1555 Wabash106/176$250-640Fall
225 S SangamonZen12/82$260-39060 days
2301-15 S MichiganMotor Row Lofts40/52$310-650Spring
2390 S WabashWabash Club6/62$430-46030 days
2918 N Sheffield2918 N Sheffield2/8$57530 days
3744 S Cottage GroveOakwood ShoresNA/NA$170-370NA
515 N PeshtigoPeshtigo303/357$480K-2.7MNA
6 N MaySix North May8/16$380-430Now
60 E MonroeLegacy at Mlnm Pk53/355$450K-4MSu '09
SOURCES: and developer sites

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