Monday, March 10, 2008

New-Construction Update: 3/10/08

At left, The Columbian, 1160 S Michigan
Every Monday, we present the latest vital data on condos under construction. If you have a new development (change in price, delivery date, etc.) to report on a new development, e-mail it to

To view a Building Profile of any project listed below, on, click address. To visit developer’s Web site, click name.

AddressNameFor SalePriceDelivery
1160 S MichiganColumbian66/220$350K-$2MNow
160 E IllinoisAvenue East20/133$380-900Now
1712 S PrairieX/O200/486$400-650'10
1720 S Michigan1720 S Michigan438/498$202-400+Now
235 W Van Buren235 Van Buren400/714$186-437Sum '09
24 S MorganPure40/67$245-850NA
2520 N LakeviewLincoln Park 2520NA/314$500K-10M'09
2950 N Sheridan2950 N Sheridan 79/79NANA
565 W Quincy565 QuincyNA/NA$210-45012/09
8 E 9thAstoria Tower171/248$240K-1.5M12/08
SOURCES:, developer sites, others

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