Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saluting: Koenig & Strey's Chris Feurer

Sixth in a series of profiles saluting Condo Superstars, agents who ranked in the Top 10 for selling the most Chicago condos in 2007.

With His Developers, He Juggles 1,000 Units at a Time

Name: Chris Feurer. Brokerage: Koenig & Strey GMAC Real Estate. Age: NA. Years as Agent: NA. Transaction Rank: 3 (323 units). Dollar Rank: 3 ($107 million). Resale Volume: 5th with $22 million. Condos (as % of business): NA. Source of Statistics: Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), Chicago condos closed in 2007.

Ranking No. 3 on our Top 10 list of Condo Superstars is Koenig & Strey's Chris Feurer. In condo sales on the MLS in 2007, he ranked third in both transactions, with 323, and dollar volume, with $107 million.

As do most agents on the top 10 list, Chris generated most of his business ($68 million, or 64%) as exclusive listing agent for new-construction projects. He generated $16 million as buyer's agent for new construction, $16 million as listing agent for resale properties and $4 million as buyer's agent for resale.

He is also president of CRF Marketing.

Chris did not respond to requests for an interview, so we offer this from his profile on the Koenig & Strey Web site:

“To me, there is nothing as exciting as seeing a development project take shape, from the first plans to the final sale and closing of the last unit. To know that I have been part of a creative process that will provide homes for people to enjoy for years to come is especially fulfilling.

"In less than a decade, Chris has become not only a dedicated Realtor and marketing specialist, but also the top agent for Koenig & Strey. He led the company in sales in 2004 and again in 2005 with closed sales of more than $143 million. Chris has also been the top agent for the entire GMAC system nationwide for the past two years.

"He specializes in new and rehabbed multi-unit residential projects in the Chicago metropolitan area and plans to begin representing projects in Chicago’s suburbs soon.

"On average, Chris works with 900 to 1200 units under development at any given time. Chris’s approach to each development begins with a detailed and customized business plan. He is involved with his clients from day one, supplying advisory services on the development itself as well as complete real-estate services. He provides customized support to each development, including total project and marketing management.

"While Chris specializes in working with developments, he is also committed to his buyers, helping them find the residence that will best satisfy their requirements and assisting them throughout the buying process.

"Though born in Indianapolis, Chris was raised in suburban Chicago. He became an entrepreneur immediately after college when he became the owner of a firm that handled cleaning, restoration and sales of residential flooring. Seeing a friend rehab several homes, which realized a profit, prompted Chris to consider real estate and development as a career.

"Today, Chris and his wife and their young son live in Old Town. Free time is devoted to his family and motocross, snowmobiling and racing cars."

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