Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oscar at Home in Hudson's Chicago Condo

Among the most distinguished residents of any of Chicago's condos is Oscar, of Oscar Night fame.

According the Sun-Times, Jennifer Hudson, who won the Academy Award for her role in "Dreamgirls," lives in a Chicago condo, though she has been urged to move to Hollywood.

Currently co-starring in the movie version of "Sex and the City," Jennifer keeps Oscar in her condo. "My Oscar is on its own mantle," she says. "It lights up and sings when you walk through the door. It sings 'Ahhhhhhhhh.' No, seriously, it's on a lighted stand, and the light beams up at Oscar. People want to touch it and see it. Who am I to deny them?"

Jennifer credits the condo for her new, skinnier figure. "I walk up to my place on the 23rd floor. I take the steps," she says. "I can do it six times in a row. I've counted and it's 300 steps. I don't walk down because those steps are too narrow. I walk up and take the elevator down. I leap up some steps. Switch it up."

If we had an Oscar waiting, we, too, might be tempted to skip the elevator and take the stairs. On second thought . . . .

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