Monday, June 2, 2008

New-Construction Update: 6/2/08

Waterview Tower, 121 W. Wacker

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111 W. Wacker, Waterview Tower
74 of 233 units available to buy, $780K-$8.8M
Delivery in 12/09. Developed & Marketed by Teng

3133 N. Lakewood, 3133 Lakewood
18 of 25 units available, 1-4 BR, $280-$680K
Delivery now. Devleoped & Marketed by Macon

400 N. LaSalle, 400 N. LaSalle
145 of 453 units available, 0-2 BR, $230-$660K
Delivery NA. Developed/Marketed by DK/Equity

1720 S. Michigan, 1720 S. Michigan
59 of 498 units available, 1-3 BR, $202-$400K+
Delivery in 60 days. Developed & Marketed by CMK

900 W. Huron, Mondial River West
NA of 142 units available, 1-4 BR, $230K-$1M
Delivery in 2009. Developed by Citta, Marketed by Koenig & Strey

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