Friday, June 27, 2008

22 Foreclosed Units Up for Auction During July

As an earlier post suggested, if you're in the market to buy a condo and are waiting to buy at the bottom, start reading the legal notices in the classified section of your local newspaper.

As this photo of Eva Mendes suggests: Run, don't walk, to your nearest newsstand.

For example, the June 26 edition of Skyline, a neighborhood paper covering Lincoln Park, Old Town, River North and Gold Coast, carried legal notices on 22 downtown condos that will be auctioned to the highest bidders in July. (It listed 31 for June.)

Here, listed by date of the auction, are the foreclosed units:

July 7: Unit 23H, 21 E. Chestnut
July 8: Unit NA, 1530 S. State, Unit 2603, 201 N. Westshore; Unit 2, 6230 N. Franklin
July 9: Unit 705, 873 N. Larrabee; Unit 3, 2318 W. Rosemont
July 11: Unit 1308, 510 W. Erie; Unit 1E, 928 W. Eastwood
July 15: Unit 1AA, 6301 N. Richmond; Unit 3S, 1032 W. Leland; Unit 202, 7334 N. Ridge
July 16: Unit 817, 758 N. Larrabee
July 17: Unit 1, 650 W. Oak
July 18: 1011 N. Riverwalk (townhouse); Unit 3N, 2525 W. Fitch
July 21: Unit 2107, 2 E. Erie
July 22: Unit 708, 1503 S. State; Unit 3603, 440 N. Wabash
July 23: Unit 3, 1265 W. Columbia
July 24: Unit 3305, 2 E. Oak
July 29: Unit 511, 1503 S. State
July 30: Unit 3107-3108, 30 E. Huron

For details on these sales, contact The Judicial Sales Corp. at (312) 236-7253 or Intercounty Judicial Sales at (312) 444-1122.

If you've never been to a condo auction and don't understand the process, you might want to check with your Realtor or attorney first. Also, see cautions by agent Debbie Maue in previous post.

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