Friday, May 9, 2008

Wall Street Journal Online Cites

Imagine our surprise, and delight, Thursday, when we received a Google Alert that, our Web site, was mentioned on Wall Street Journal Online (

When we linked to the site, we saw this fascinating article, entitled "How to Find Foreign Buyers for U.S. Properties," by June Fletcher, in her column House Talk:

Q: Where can I find a real estate agent who focuses on selling U.S. properties -- specifically condos around Millennium Park in Chicago -- to foreign buyers? --Ellis Levin, Chicago

A: Your instinct to look overseas is a good one . . . . Urban real estate in major U.S. cities costs much less than it does in many other industrialized nations.

According to the Global Property Guide, an apartment in London costs $28,355 per square meter ($2,637 per square foot), and Paris $15,670 per square meter ($1,457 per square foot).

By comparison, according to, the median sales price in 2007 for a Chicago condo was only $294 per square foot, which comes to $3,165 per square meter.

Our thanks to the Journal (and, probably, to Google). And to God, for allowing us to live in such luxury for so little in Chicago!

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