Monday, May 26, 2008

New-Construction Update: 5/26/08

At left, Chess Lofts, 320 E. 21st

Every Monday, with help from our friends at, we present vital data on condos under construction.

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222 E. Pearson, Pearson on the Park
25 of 219 units available to buy, 1-3 BR, $356 to $530K
Developed by Hawthorne, Sold by Jameson

320 E. 21st, Chess Lofts
49 of 119 units available, 1-2 BR, $210-260+
Developed/Sold by Garrison

3030 N. Broadway, Broadway 3030
53 of 53 units available, 1-3BR, $300-1.5M
Developed by JFJ, Sold by @properties

505 N. McClurg, ParkView
NA of 268 units available now, 1-3 BR, $380-1M
Developed/Sold by MCL

550 N. St. Clair, 550 St. Clair
35 of 111 units available now, 0-3 BR, $290-1.3M
Developed by Sutherland Pearsall, Sold by Weichert

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