Monday, January 28, 2008

Reflection: Why This Blog?

Let's converse about condos in Chicago!

Our mission, for both this blog and its companion Web site,, is to make it fun to buy, own and sell condos.

Our Web site enables buyers, agents and others to access, and interact with, the most-comprehensive content (data, documents and tools) on Chicago condos. Our blog allows those same groups of individuals to interact with one another. The Web site is one-way communication. The blog is two-way.

(That's our intention, at least. Looks like it will take a while for visitors to feel comfortable enough to use the Comments link at the bottom of every "post" to add their thoughts. You can even do so anonymously.)

We're all about conversation and community around one topic: Chicago condos. Whether you are a condo owner, manager, director, buyer, seller, agent, broker, developer, lender, inspector, appraiser, attorney, vendor, consultant, journalist, critic, or just an interested observer, we invite you to participate.

Communication will be primarily within groups: buyers talking to buyers, agents talking to agents. But our goal is to encourage conversation, including lively discussions, between agents and buyers, owners and developers, buyers and sellers.

And, yes, in all candor, an underlying goal of this blog will always be to encourage visitors to enjoy the benefits of, the main focus of our parent company, Condominium Enterprises.

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