Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun: Which Condos Would Candidates Choose?

To inject some fun and topicality into our on-going conversations, we invite you to post your responses to this question:

If the Presidential candidates were living in Chicago, which condo would each of them live in and why? Let's see how clever you can be. Don't be shy.

Hint: Which of those aspiring to be President do you imagine would choose The Chicago Spire? Trump International Hotel & Tower?

Instead of posting a comment here, one high-end agent e-mailed us that she thinks all the candidates would, instead, choose a high-end co-op. Why? Her reply: Security, privacy, style. Valid point. Anyone (but The Donald) disagree?

In inviting their visitors to respond to our question, our friends at YoChicago suggested a luxury loft rehab for Hillary and a Drexel Boulevard graystone for McCain. A visitor to that site thought that McCain would more likely choose an independent living, senior-citizen condo in Arizona.

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