Monday, January 28, 2008

Contest: Which Unit Has the Best View?

View from 53rd floor at Lake Point Tower, 505 N. Lake Shore Drive

Of the 250,000-plus condominium units in this city, which one has the best view of all?

To find out, and this blog are inviting the public to enter photos, like the example above, in "Chicago’s Best Condo Views" contest. Owners of units with views judged to be the most spectacular, including views with lowest ownership cost per square foot, will receive prizes. Photos of winning views will be showcased on the Web site and on this blog.

To submit an entry: E-mail a photo or video taken from any condo unit in the city to: Identify the unit, its owner(s), the photographer and, if you want, tell how your window to the world enriches your life.

To enjoy the views and vote for your favorite, visit the Awesome Views section of this blog or of in the near future.

Each month, the owner of the condo with votes from the most visitors will receive a gift certificate. The winner of the first annual contest, chosen from 12 finalists, will have the interior and views of his or her unit captured, free, by a photographer and videographer.

Residents of Chicago condos, which comprise 64% of our residential market, own and enjoy some of the most awesome views in the world. Not only are those views beautiful, but they are valuable. Experts estimate that good views, especially of Lake Michigan, add 10-to-20 percent to a unit’s value. Great views add 30-plus percent.

Every visitor to our site or blog will soon be able to enjoy the million-dollar condo views found throughout our city and help honor the best ones.

To see a sample video entry, click here.

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Bob said...

Hi Ric, Don't forget a "worst view" contest as well. I know I have some contenders for that contest!