Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feurer, Jameson Create Condo 'Powerhouse'

According to the following July 31 news release, found online, the buying and selling of Chicago condos is about to be affected by a merger between two major players: Chris Feurer (left), the city's No. 3 ranked condo agent, formerly with Koenig & Strey, and Jameson Realty, one of the city's top condo brokerages.

Two of Chicago´s most successful real estate organizations are joining forces. Christopher Feurer, the principal of the Feurer Companies, and Michael Sato, his partner in CRF Marketing, the sales and marketing arm of the company, are joining forces with the principals of the Jameson Realty Group and prominent Chicago real estate developers [at Castlebar] Steven Golovan, Charles Mudd and John Lally to create a new brokerage powerhouse known as Jameson Real Estate LLC.

Feurer and Sato will become CEO and president respectively of the new Jameson, while Jameson founders Charles and Harry Huzenis will be actively involved with the ongoing operations of the firm and have been appointed members of the Jameson board.

Robert Flannery, currently Director of Project Development at Jameson Realty, is being named Chief Operating Officer and Jameson Realty´s Gay Johnson will become Managing Broker at the new company. Kelly Scully from CRF will become Director of Development Services and Elana Spector, also currently with CRF, has been named Vice President, Marketing.

CRF Marketing has one of the most impressive track records in the Chicago housing market with average annual sales of more than $6 million per agent. CRF has been the top team of agents for Koenig & Strey Real Estate, leading that company in sales for the last four years with total sales transactions of over one billion dollars.

As team leader, Chris Feurer has been top agent of the 22,000 agents in the nationwide GMAC system for the past two years. The Wall Street Journal ranked CRF amongst the top 25 real estate agent teams in the United States last year.

Jameson Realty Group was established in 1982 by the Huzenis brothers, two of the city´s most respected real estate professionals. The company is currently one of Chicago´s top realty firms, historically averaging over $500 million in annual sales.

Feurer expects the firm to quickly grow the current Jameson sales volume by at least 50% and to consider adding new agents as the market presence increases.

The company will operate from the existing Jameson offices at 425 W. North Avenue.

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