Monday, September 7, 2009

YTD Sales Improve 4th Consecutive Month

According to figures generated for by MRED, the regional MLS, year-to-date sales of Chicago condos for the first eight months of 2009 are:
* Down 47% in total dollar volume, to $1.9 billion
* Down 36% in units closed, to 6,060
* Down 12% in median sales price, to $279,000
* Up 16% in average market time, to 152 days.

This shows an improving year-to-date market, in both dollars and units, for four consecutive months:

End of April: Dollars down 59%, units down 51%
End of May: Dollars down 57%, units down 48%
End of June: Dollars down 53%, units down 44%
End of July: Dollars down 49%, units down 39%
End of August: Dollars down 47%, units down 36%.

At $263,900, the median sales price for August is the lowest monthly median since January 2006.

Comparing August sales to July:
* Units closed were down 2%, from 1,050 to 1,030 closings
* Dollar volume was down 5%, from $333 million to $317 million
* Median sales price was down 8%, from $285,500 to $263,900
* Average market time was up 6%, from 140 days to 149 days.

Asked to comment on the year-to-date statistics, Dave Hanna, president of the Chicago Association of Realtors, had this to say:

"I do think we are at the bottom of the market, but not sure if this is true for type 2 housing (condos). Too many unknown and unfavorable factors relating to financing and risk evaluation by lenders using national data to make (poor) decisions about the viability of the market here for this housing.

"The FHA guideline changes and continual pressure to upgrade our market to category II from category III (lower rates on loans, less chance for an adjustment in appraised value based on market conditions) and a sliver of hope that the conforming loan limit for Chicago PMSA will be raised could make life better for condo owners and buyers.

"The refusal of more and more sellers to accept the so-called current market pricing for their homes is why we are at the bottom. Inventory is shrinking due to homes going off the market unsold, and sellers not re-listing at a lower price.

"Median sale price has plunged due to fire-sale pricing on foreclosures, which are over 40% of the overall market in terms of unit sales YTD.

"In case you can't tell," Dave added, "I am 'mad as hell and not going to take it anymore' and I don't think I am alone on this."

For details on month-over-month and year-over-year, click here. For previous market reports, click here.

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