Thursday, September 25, 2008

Area Profile: Rogers Park, 10th in Sales

The tenth in our weekly series of profiles of the 77 census areas that make up Chicago.

The statistics come from various sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and the database of, where you will find a more-comprehensive profile of every area, with a map showing the neighborhoods within each area.

Rogers Park (No. 10 in units sold, No. 31 in median sales price, 2007)

Boundaries: South: Devon; North: Howard; East: Lake Michigan; West: Ridge

Neighborhoods: Rogers Park

Appreciation (2/1/08): 1 yr: 2% (37th of 77 areas); 5 yrs: 40% (26th)

Demographics: College Graduate: 32% (18th of 77 areas); Professional: 34% (23rd); Median Income: $32,000 (55th)

Largest Condo: 1205 W. Sherwin (107 units)

Complete Profile, with map and schools

All Profiles To Date (Near North, Lakeview, West Town, Lincoln Park, Near West Side, Loop, Uptown, Near South Side, Edgewater)

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Downtown Chicago Condo said...

Times are tough right now. With the economy going south, all we can do is help each other out much as we can. I remember living in Rogers Park several years ago. It was nice place for a decent price. College students as well as professionals living in the area. I hope this economy picks up so that the real estate will pick up as well.