Sunday, July 13, 2008

New State Advisory Council Solicits Your Ideas

If you have ideas for state laws that would improve condo living, the new Illinois Condominium Advisory Council wants to hear them.

We trust that each member of the council will listen as intently as Elizabeth Hurley seems to be.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the council was appointed by the governor recently to identify the biggest challenges to condo life in Illinois and make recommendations for legislative change. The council will host public hearings this summer, and report to lawmakers by year's end.

"We will not draft legislation, only address global problems," said council chairman Jordan Shifrin, an attorney with Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit. "After we have feedback, we will vote on recommendations."

Among the suggestions under consideration: licensing property managers, making developers more accountable, strengthening reserve requirements and determining who is responsible for leaks within units.

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Anonymous said...

Can a report or summary of the August 19 meeting in Naperville be posted? I would liek to know what was discussed so that when I attend the meeting on September 3rd I will be informed.

Thanking you in advance for your attention to my request.
Peter Donalek