Monday, February 25, 2008

Advice: 4 Tips for Picking Right Realtor for You

In Swanepoel Trends Report 2008, national real-estate expert Stefan J.M. Swanepoel offers these suggestions for consumers to think about when interviewing prospective agents:

* Ask for the names and contact details of the clients they have worked with in your neighborhood during the last six months. Contact them and ask directly about the agent's performance, timeliness and overall experience. Don't forget to ask if they would use the agent again.

* Ask them about their real-estate qualifications--especially their designations and certifications. Ask about their training and if they have a coach. All of this will show how serious they are about their career. Visit and learn about each qualification and the skills it represents.

* Visit and check to see if the agent is Quality Service Certified. Not many are but those who are allow for an independent satisfactory service evaluation feedback from home buyers and sellers after each transaction.

[Editor's Note: The site lists more than 200 QSC agents in Chicago. The vast majority of them are from Rubloff, Prudential Preferred or Koenig & Strey. Among those with perfect Customer Satisfaction Ratings (5 of 5 points) are Rubloff's Judy Pielet, Jill O'Grady, Lisa Borelli and Michael Prendergast.]

* Look up the agent's name on and do research. You'd be surprised how much information you can find. If nothing comes up, be concerned that the agent may not be utilizing the Web effectively.

The annual report from which the above tips are excerpted is aimed primarily at brokers and agents. We highly recommend this authoritative and well-researched book for those who really want to know what's happening--and will happen--in the industry.

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